The Toastmasters @RVCC Event went wonderfully this Monday (November 24th), and I'm very happy to know that the entire event went smoothly without any major issues.

For those who don't know: the Toastmasters @RVCC Event was an event, sponsored by the RVCC Engineering Club, that brought the public speaking club Toastmasters International to Raritan Valley Community College. The event was essentially a Toastmasters meeting, hosted by the Hunterdon Speak Easy Club chapter of Toastmaster International, that would give students an idea of what a Toastmasters meeting was like and what Toastmasters International had to offer for students in their academic and professional careers.

You can find the video of the event here:

The Record, the college newspaper, also wrote an article on this event, which can be found here:

I was the coordinator for the event (from getting approval for the event, to making the arrangements), which was a challenging task when coordinating between multiple organizations to get everything to come together into a single harmonious event (this was the first time I have ever been a coordinator). But the hard work paid off and the event went beautifully.

I'd like to give a Special Thanks to Barbara Smith, Eva Lesniak, and all of those from the Hunterdon Speak Easy Club for all your help with setting up the meeting and giving suggestions for the event. I'd also like to thank Alysha Walker and the rest of RVCC Student Life for all of your help with arranging the facilities, equipment, and catering needed for the event to be a success. And lastly I'd like to thank the Engineering Club for helping to promote and sponsor the event.

Thank you everyone.