Links to My Content On Other Websites:

YouTube - BlueJersey112 - My YouTube Channel where you can find videos of some of my projects and more.

Facebook - Hydrautomat - Here is the Facebook page for the Hydrautomat, here you'll find news about the Hydrautomat.



The Internet Archive - Probably the largest publicly accessible archive on the internet. Contains the materials of multiple libraries from all over the world, as well as a plethora of other media from many different sources.

Google Scholar - One of the best places to start when looking for information on different technologies, research, patents, etc. Can often automatically find PDFs of papers that would otherwise be 'locked' behind a so-called 'pay-wall'. - A free archive of scientific research papers covering many different disciplines.

WorldCat - The 'World's largest network of library content and services'. Provides a good resource for finding information on rare/hard-to-find materials.

The Analog Museum - An amazing collection of information on electronic analog computers by Prof. Bernd Ulmann. - If you are student, academician/researcher, etc. you can get an account on ResearchGate. This website provides a wonderful resource and forum for researchers to share their works with others. Highly recommended.

The Museum of RetroTechnology - This is a great resource of information about old and exotic technologies of ages-past. Many different and amazing devices can be found here. - the US Military's Defense Technical Infomation Center. A very good resource for old technical reports, conference proceedings, etc. that have otherwise been completely forgotten.