Here you'll find many different ideas I have for later projects. The practicality and applicability of these ideas range from being abstract ideas to concepts that only need to be prototyped and modeled. I have posted these ideas for others to see and hopefully test and implement themselves.


Hydrautomat Applications

  Hydrautomat-Powered Solar Gradient Desalination System

Hydrautomat-Powered Solar Gradient Desalination System

Surprisingly, the Hydrautomat is a very versatile device and can be modified to perform various tasks. It has the ability to not only pump water, but could also be modified to pump fluids like hydraulic fluid and refrigerant. The Hydrautomat can also be modified to run on wave power, thermal energy, and much more.

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Thermal Piston

The thermal piston is a very simple concept that can be used to generate pneumatic power by relying on the variation in temperature that occurs throughout the day.

The device works by heating and cooling the refrigerant in the Generating Tank, which causes it to compress and expand. This compression and expansion pushes and pulls on the oil in the Generating and Pumping Tanks, which consquently pumps the air inside of the Pumping Tank.

The device can be used to pump air or other fluids for many different reasons. From air conditioning (by pumping refrigerant), to pumping water, to powering other devices, the Thermal piston is a very simple and appropriate technological concept.

NOTE: the oil in the tank is used to prevent the refrigerant from contacting the air in the Pumping Tank, as the air would cause the refrigerant to dilute and become useless. The refrigerant would also run the chance of leaking out through the Pumping Tank, so a fluid (preferrably one that is insoluble to the refrigerant) needs to be placed between the two tanks.